Address Review comments

Subject: PyConIn 2023 | Address review comments

Please address the review comments by tomorrow's EOD on your proposal:

Thanks for proposing this Talk to PyConIn 2023.
Please add slides and a detailed outline with duration of each segment.

Thanks for proposing this talk to PyConIn 2023. Could you please address the following comments by tomorrow's EOD to proceed further?

  1. As you have opted as not a first time speaker, please add a link to the slides or a video of the talk you have given before if available.
  2. Please add your profile details in the speaker section. LinkedIn, Twitter, GitHub, etc. This is to help the reviewers to know more about you.
  3. Please follow the speaker best practices for the proposal submission.
  4. Please add a detailed outline with the duration for each segment, summing up to 25 minutes.
  5. Please add slides if ready.


| Checked on 1st Sep

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