54.13 Make Grafana theme light

To change the Grafana dashboard theme from dark to light, you can follow these steps:

  1. Through User Preferences:

    • Navigate to the bottom left corner of the Grafana UI, click on your user profile icon or username.
    • Select "Preferences" from the menu.
    • Under the "Preferences" section, you will find the "UI Theme" option.
    • Choose "Light" from the UI Theme dropdown menu[1][2][3].
  2. Through URL Parameter:

    • To switch to the light theme, append &theme=light to the Grafana dashboard URL in your browser [2:1].
  3. Through Configuration File:

    • If you have access to the Grafana server configuration, you can set the default theme for all users by editing the grafana.ini file.
    • Locate the default_theme option and set it to light.
    • After making changes, restart the Grafana server to apply the new default theme[2:2][4].
  4. Through Docker Environment Configuration:

    • If you are running Grafana in a Docker container, you can set an environment variable GF_USERS_DEFAULT_THEME=light to change the default theme to light[2:3].
  5. Organization Preferences:

    • If you are an organization administrator, you can change the UI theme for all users in the organization.
    • Navigate to "Administration" in the left-side menu, click on "General", then click on "Default preferences".
    • In the "Preferences" section, select the UI theme as "Light"[5].

Remember that individual user preferences will override organization or server-level settings. If you have previously set a theme at the user level, you will need to change it there to see the effect[3:1].

For more advanced customizations, such as changing specific style characteristics or using a corporate color theme, you would need to edit the Sass files and recompile the Grafana frontend[6]. However, this is a more complex process and typically not necessary for simply switching between the built-in dark and light themes.

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Thoughts 🤔 by Soumendra Kumar Sahoo is licensed under CC BY 4.0