43.37 Hiranandani Reveals Secrets & Strategies


00:00 Trailer, Introduction
3:40 Your father was a doctor so didn't your father ever ask you to be a doctor?
5:45 What was so special about your father that tata’s and birla’s trusted him?
11:23 How do people like you have extraordinary capability to be concentrated and focused ?
15:00 What was the real estate business ecosystem in the late 1970’s?
23:28 Can you walk me through this first project of yours, the first building?
25:34 How did you decide to build your first building?
26:59 How much money did you borrow?
27:36 What was the gap in the market that you addressed which no other player was addressing?
35:40 How did the Housing Board of Singapore inspire you ?
41:44 How do you achieve leadership at scale?
48:01 How to find skilled Professionals who align with your values?
52:46 What are the traits and phrases that you see and say this is a red flag?
59:54 How do you gauge an underrated asset and make the right investment? What would your strategy be?
1:03:28 What was the story about convincing the landowner to sell his land and accept 10 lakhs in earnest money?
1:07:07 Why do partnerships break and what can be done to make them successful?



Thoughts 🤔 by Soumendra Kumar Sahoo is licensed under CC BY 4.0