33.35 Should you go through Builders? Case Study of whats really happening

Fractional Leveraged Properties


Why do Builders sell Fractional Leveraged Properties?

Lessons learnt

After buying several properties across India, here are a few key things I have learned:

1. Understand at what stage you will start making money from your property.

2. Most people simply buy bad projects.

3. Don't trust the trusted builders.

4. Several outsiders in Goa are buying property at crazy high prices.

Here is the problem:

5. When you do short-term holiday rentals (yourself), your margins won't be more than 60% (unless you are of course doing this business at scale).

Just putting this out there, so that it benefits everyone. The simple learning here is that:

  1. Don’t get drawn to fancy sketches and promises.
  2. And most importantly get a thorough understanding of your investments.

Don’t but at super inflated prices and don’t make dumb decisions.


Thoughts 🤔 by Soumendra Kumar Sahoo is licensed under CC BY 4.0