85.16 How to take right decisions


Steps to make the right decisions:

  1. Are you neutral, impartial, and unbiased with neither your party nor the other party?
  2. Input collection
    1. Is it adequate?
    2. Natural Justice -> Have you listened to both the party's points of view?
  3. Judgement -> Fallacies to avoid
    1. Input Proportionality -> Do not overthink and assume
    2. Illicit Generalization
    3. Black or White -> A person or object is not fully good or terrible; a person can be 90% good and 10% bad. Good in the office, evil in the family.
    4. Make temporary decisions and be flexible in modifying your decision based on new information.
      1. Accept to agree that you are wrong.
      2. Change your decisions based on the circumstances. Society takes this as a bad thing that s/he broke their decision, but do as you think right based on new information.
      3. Information is the key.
      4. This does not apply to personal relations.


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