Self Confidence vs Narcissism

Narcissism (Atma Mugdhata) vs Self Confidence (Atma Biswas)


What is Narcissism?

What's the story behind the name?


If you like someone, do not go to him/her sacrificing your self-respect.
If someone proposes to you and you do not like, then reject him/her with their self-respect intact.



Types/Stages of Narcissism

  1. Healthy:
    • It can be healthy to a specific level.
    • To tell a child that you are the best.
    • Social Good
    • Controlled way of self-esteem. To tell oneself and not boast in front of others about how great you are and that there is no one like yourself.
  2. NPD
    • After a certain level, it becomes a disorder which is called Narcissistic Personality Disorder.
    • Inflated self-importance.
    • In reality, narcissists have less self-confidence. However, they boast that to others.
    • Almost nill empathy.
    • Sadism -> To give pain to others and feel happy.
    • The Narcissist can not hear criticism of his behavior.
    • S/he makes gas lighting to others.

Kinds of Narcissism

There are many kinds of Narcissism:


Elder brother = Father
Elder brother's insult = Elder bother's death = Father's death
Self-boasting = Suicide

Narcissistic Epidemic

Why do people become Narcissists?

  1. Upbringing
    • If parents do
      • More praising or -> Did you hit more than the other person?
      • More suppression -> Why 99.9%? Where is the rest 0.1%?
    • S/he can get affected with NPD.
    • Teach children how to handle failure.
    • An NPD person can not handle rejection/failure.
  2. Undue Success
    • The viral social media post will not happen again.
    • These persons can not handle the success and can become affected by NPD.
  3. Hormones


  1. Handle Rejection
  2. Handle Failure
  3. Be Kind to others
  4. Democratic Behaviour
    1. To respect other's opinions too



I am not what I think I am
I am not what you think I am
I am what I think you think I am

There are three kinds of self-confidence:

  1. Under confidence
  2. Reasonable confidence and
  3. Overconfidence
    If a person's capability does not match their confidence, their self concept is distorted.

Collectivity -> Crowd -> Mob
Collectivity: A group of people
Crowd: A group of people with a slight sentiment
Mob: A group of people with high sentiments

Who am I?

You are a person with infinite states flowing through time. You are not an object and never a picture of a specific sentiment, mental state, or physical state.
You are like a river consisting of fluids through different states and flows.
You are different persons at different stages of the flow, and they perceive you according to your flow. However, that is not constant. It can change, and it changes.


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